CCED Resources

CCED offers several resources for your housing and business needs. Click the application links below if you’d like to apply for any of these programs or grants. If you have any questions, please contact David Branch: (402) 372-6001 •


The purpose of the CCED Commercial and Housing Demolition Program is to assist eligible communities within Cuming County to demolish dilapidated commercial and residential structures and clean up the area to make room for future development.

The Donald E. Nielsen Foundation awarded the CCED a grant for the amount of $75,000 to assist in the demolition of residential structures in Cuming County and an additional $130,000 was received for commercial demolition.

This is a matching fund grant of up to $15,000 for commercial and a maximum of $5,000 for residential demolition projects. The matching fund grant will help defray 50% of the total cost of the demolition project.

Additional funding can be applied for if proof of redevelopment is submitted in regards to the Commercial Demolition grant.



This program, thanks to the continued support of the Donald E. Nielsen Foundation, is available to assist Cuming County businesses make improvements they might otherwise not be able to complete.

The following categories are available for funding:

Exterior Façade Improvements – The maximum grant amount is $2,500 per project and applicants must provide a 50% cash match. Eligible projects include: awning, cornices, entrance/door, exterior paint, decorative detail, exterior lighting, exterior signage, and exterior windows.

Interior Improvements- The maximum grant amount is $1,000 per project and applicants must provide a 50% cash match. Eligible projects must be visible to the customer including lighting, flooring, furnace, paint, ceiling, shelving and equipment.

Marketing – The maximum grant amount is $1,000 per project and applicants must provide a 50% cash match. Eligible projects must be customer oriented including new website design, e-commerce website, photography and marketing related seminars.

Eligibility: The business must be within Cuming County to be eligible for a business improvement grant. The building must be used solely for business, for example; not an area of a home used for business. Prior grant recipients are eligible based on funding availability. Building owners, non-profit and/or government entities are not eligible.

For additional information or to download an application, click below.



Cuming County Economic Development, Inc. (CCED, Inc.) and Northeast Nebraska Community Action Partners (NENCAP) have partnered to create a pilot program that assists income qualified home owners with improvements.

If a home is identified as a being a potential candidate for NENCAP’s weatherization program but requires certain repairs to be completed first such as; mold mitigation, foundation work, plumbing, electrical or roof repair, CCED, Inc. will provide the applicant a list of local, certified contractors they can contact to complete the required repairs.

Once repairs are complete, NENCAP will start the weatherization application review again.  CCED, Inc. will make payment directly to the contractor.