Cuming County Economic Development recently announced the start of Round #4 for the Business Improvement Grants.  This round will be open until December 1st.

During the first two rounds we were able to distribute $19,174.77 to help defray $210,285.80 worth of improvements that included: signage, a business expansion, exterior improvements and assist with a marketing plan.

Round #3 allowed us to assist an additional 14 businesses defray $69,729.19 worth of improvements by dispersing $15,077.94 of grant funds.

Again, we are thankful that we are able to help area businesses with signage, computer equipment, floor repairs and cosmetic improvements. We are continually grateful for the generosity of the Donald E. Nielsen Foundation for funding this program.

The Business Improvement Grant program is available to qualifying businesses within Cuming County. As a reminder non-profit and government entities are not eligible for funding.

This is a 50% reimbursement grant with maximum amounts available for the following three categories:

  • Exterior Façade Improvements ($2,500 max.) – Projects include: awning, cornices, entrance/door, exterior paint, decorative detail, exterior lighting, exterior signage, and exterior windows.
  • Interior Façade Improvements ($1,000 max.) – Projects must be visible to the customer including lighting, flooring, furnace, paint, ceiling, shelving and equipment.
  • Marketing ($1,000 max.) – Projects must be customer oriented including new website design, e-commerce website, photography and marketing related seminars.


2018 Business Improvement Grant Recipients (*New business)

Round #1

The Parts Junction (signage)

Chiropractic Lifestyle, LLC (signage) *

Best Point Design (signage)

White’s Home Comfort, LLC (equipment) *

Buse Machine (equipment)

Dairy Queen (Six Avery’s, LLC) (exterior remodel)

Journey Investment Properties, Inc. (fireproof door)

Final Drive Show Supply (signage) *

Skywave Wireless, Inc. (signage)

Meiergerd Game Birds (signage)

Picture Perfect Memories (signage) *

Stover Chiropractic (roofing improvement)

Round #2

West Point Design (marketing)

Native 32 Winery (signage) *

529 Social (expansion)

Mendlik Audiology (windows/gutters)

The Parts Junction (Flag pole & flag)

Round #3

Wagner Tire & Repair (signage)

ASC Lockers (equipment)

MTM Pheasants (website design)

Las Canas (equipment)

Engelmeyer Repair (tv and mounting kit for infomercials) *

The Good Earth Company (energy efficient window treatments) *

Mendlik Audiology (signage)

Cuming County Fabrication (laptop, software & tablet) *

Charmed Country Boutique (building expansion) *

Ru-De’s Mart (building expansion)

Toms Rexall Drug (equipment)

Creative Notions (exterior)


If you are interested, please contact the Cuming County Economic Development office

Email: • Phone: (402) 372-6001