We sold out in less than 14 hours!
Thanks to all our sponsors who funded this effort – and to the businesses that participated!
If you purchased certificates, we will be mailing those to you shortly so you can begin using them and helping Cuming County GROW!


Due to COVID-19, some businesses have had to close – either partially or completely. “Get, Give, Grow Cuming County” will benefit participating businesses by getting much needed cash in their hands.  As an incentive to support these businesses, purchaser received an extra $25 for every $50 purchased (subject to program limits).

Gift Certificates will be mailed to your mailing address approximately 1 week after purchase.

Yes, all certificates have an expiration date of August 31, 2021.

For each $50 gift certificate purchased, you will receive a gift certificate totaling $75.  The business will receive $75 – $50 from your purchase and $25 from CCED matching funds. You can purchase certificates in any amount as long as you maintain $50 increments.

In order to maximize the impact of matching funds and encourage broader participation, the following limits are in place to receive matching funds:

Per consumer: $1,000 (receive $500 match for a total of $1,500)

Maximum amount spent per business by individual consumers: $200 (receive $100 match for a total of $300)

Consumers who purchased in greater quantities will not receive matching funds once they have exceeded the per business and/or consumer limits.

The maximum amount a business can receive is $3,500 purchased and $1,750 match for a total of $5,250.

Each business will receive a list of consumers that have purchased a gift certificate for their own business.

If you have any questions please contact (402) 372-6001 or