Sweet Home Cuming County Campaign Overview

CCED, Inc. has decided to use its non-profit status to promote the County’s many assets and launch a “Sweet Home Cuming County Fundraising Campaign” as a tool to further the organization’s mission statement. “Sweet Home Cuming County” has been a promotional tool over the last few years that focused on highlighting young families who have decided to call Cuming County home. The CCED, Inc. Board has decided to use this slogan as a brand for the County and its fundraising efforts.

The funds generated through the “Sweet Home Cuming County Campaign” will promote rural living and attract and retain businesses, agricultural operations, and people to call Cuming County home. A financial investment in the CCED Inc. initiative will yield growth in capital by growing existing businesses, agriculture, innovation and workforce. CCED Inc. strives to implement new ideas and use the resources available throughout the State to create new development. As an investor in CCED Inc., you play a vital role in making Cuming County an appealing destination for business, manufacturing, agriculture and entrepreneurs.

CCED, Inc. has recognized the need for additional housing and business opportunities. In order to be competitive when State and Federal funding becomes available, we have to put ourselves in a position to apply for assistance. This assistance may include industrial site development, housing development, and assistance for public infrastructure. In most cases this requires matching funds to show that communities believe in themselves and their projects by contributing financially.

CCED, Inc. believes that investment in your community is a wise decision for any individual or business. It reflects your position in the community and helps further the success of your business and community. The CCED staff and Board members will work with individuals and organizations to not only help grow businesses, but to provide a better quality of life for the County’s workforce and retirees now and into the future. CCED staff and board members will work closely with all investors to develop and sustain a mutually-beneficial partnership.

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